The toxicity in me.



I am the toxicity in the air.

I am the dust of dusk.

I am the last ray of sunlight.

I am despair.

I am the colour of Draupadi’s robe when she was dragged in public by her hair.

I am the colour of the tears she shed after breaking up with him.

I am the sadness all of them carried after their farewell.

I am the colour of death which quietly crept in, in the old man’s hut and woe found him.

I am the oxymoron life creates in almost every situation.

I am the tears of million soldiers who lose the war. I am despair.

Good luck only knocks the door once. But bad luck knocks till you open it.

via Daily Prompt: Toxic


8 thoughts on “The toxicity in me.

  1. Words fail me.
    Very well written…

    …and now that you are done with the daily prompt…maybe you can get on with something more pleasant?


  2. Dumbfounded! Such brilliance at such a young age. You could give Shelly, Keats , Elliot a run for their money. Khoob khob bhalo hoyeche


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