“Get over her” They all said.

সম্পর্কিত ছবি

He searched for the word “UNLOVE” in the dictionary.

After all love to him was a microscopic thing which meant a lot.
via Daily Prompt: Micro


4 thoughts on “To UNLOVE.

  1. Microscope helps magnify… therefore can encompass a lot, hence means a lot 😊
    But where is that post on Friendship? Khelbo na kintu erom korle!


  2. Unless we get over the ‘wrong’ kind of love, which, for whatever reason, was not meant to be, how can we let the right person enter our lives? The right person may be just around the corner, but if we are so engulfed in bereaving the past, we won’t notice the wonderful future that awaits us.

    And, where is the essey on friendship? See, you are disappointing, your audience!!

    Also, do you remember the dialogue from the movie ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ which goes ‘pyar dosti hai’? Before love, comes friendship. That, is an eternal bond. Maybe in all the failed relationships of your protagonists, there was no friendship to start with? Think about it. Can you torture your friend and leave them to cry alone (underlying assumption: you choose the right kind of persons as friends!!)? If there is friendship in a relationship, then, even if life prevents the two people from being together, as a couple, the friendship remains. In such loves, ‘break-ups’ never happen. Trust me, there can be a million reasons why love may not culminate into ‘everafter’, and it needn’t be anyone’s fault. But that doesn’t mean that the underlying bond of friendship between the two people cannot survive the ravages of time. Hence the importance of friendship!!! You cannot live without friends – true friends – who will be with you till death do you part. Oh yes, it happens – my closest friendships span almost four decades – we met when we were four years old. The four of us live in three different continents. But we know exactly what’s happening in each other’s lives. These are loves that nothing can defeat.

    So…now are you convinced that friendship is more important in our lives than love? That, we may live without ‘love’ but not without friendship? That, if there is no underlying friendship in love, it is doomed to fail?

    And so will you please explore themes on friendship?

    I rest my case my friend…


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