The girl who stabbed.


You did not only break my heart. You also killed our future.


So, I sat down incubating a series of thoughts in my head. I began from the day it had started till the day it ended or did it really end? Wherever you run off, you still have to face the battle awaiting you. Life is a marathon and you have to keep running. People lose many precious ones but that does not mean they stop loving. It just means that they were not in in each other’s fate. Now what is fate? Fate is future.


When I lost the person I valued most I went silent.  I sat to write  the other day. I dug the pen so hard in the paper that it felt like I hurt a soul. Once hurt yourself, you will never hurt someone else because you know what it is to be hurt.

But today, I stand strong as if I have stabbed a part of me who once loved. A lady who has moved on and shone in life. I am proud and thankful to all the betrayals. They were my inspiration.  ; via Daily Prompt: Incubate


8 thoughts on “The girl who stabbed.

  1. Keep writing. It’s beautiful but very sad. Life is a journey. Each hurt is a stopover. We stop and contemplate for a while then gather our stuff and start off for the next leg. Don’t let any hurt stop you from your journey. You are a strong girl. There is so much beauty ahead of you.

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  2. As Hemingway wrote so eloquently, the world breaks us and we are stronger in all the broken places. I find writing to be healing, so I keep writing. I hope you will too, you have a strong voice. Thanks for sharing this piece, Take care !


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